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Two-year jail sentence for insider trader

Times: A dentist who made nearly £110,000 by trading on secret share tips provided by his son, an aspiring stockbroker, was jailed for two years yesterday, while his son received a year in prison.

Neel Uberoi, 62, and his son Matthew, 24, showed little response as the decision was read out at Southwark Crown Court. It is the harshest penalty yet handed out for insider dealing in Britain and provides a significant boost to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in its effort to crack down on market abuse.


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Team Tiger fights to bar ‘nude photos’

Times: LAWYERS acting for Tiger Woods have been accused of using a High Court injunction obtained in London in an attempt to stop possible nude photographs of him being published in America.

The injunction, granted by Mr Justice Eady, prevents British newspapers using any such pictures.

Mark Stephens, a British media lawyer, said yesterday that he had been contacted by several US media organisations which had received copies of the injunction from Lavely & Singer, Woods’s Los Angeles law firm.

“The injunction only really affects US publications with assets under UK jurisdiction,” said Stephens.

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Shotgun man faces years in jail

Channel 4 News: A man who handed a shotgun that he found into a police station may face up to five years in jail for possession of a firearm.

// Paul Clarke says it started with what looked like a bag of rubbish dumped at the end of his garden Clarke said: “I saw a black bag here, looked inside, and there was a shotgun.”

He was prosecuted and a jury found him guilty of possession of a firearm. He is now facing five years in jail. He says he was simply doing his civic duty – handing the shotgun in at his local police station. He has been advised not to discuss his case in detail until sentencing next month.

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From snapshot to Special Branch: how my camera made me a terror suspect

Guardian: Casual shots of London’s Gherkin attract stop and search just days after police were reminded street photography is no offence

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