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BBC: IPCC to investigate man’s death

IPCC to investigate man’s death

BBC: An investigation is to be held into why police left a “vulnerable” man, who was later found dead, at his home in Plymouth despite fears for his welfare.

On 4 November Devon police were called to the home of David Cartwright by a friend who was worried about him.

He was sent to hospital but later left. It is believed staff rang police over concern for his safety and police and ambulance crews found him at home.

The 26-year-old was left there and found dead less than 48 hours later.


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Rape conviction ‘backs DNA case’

BBC: A rapist jailed 19 years after his crime might never have been caught if time limits on DNA retention had been in place, it is claimed.

Under the latest proposal the DNA of people arrested but not convicted should only be held for six years.

Last year, William Bates was convicted of raping a woman in a Sunderland park in 1990, after he was traced using DNA taken in an arrest for assault in 2001.

Northumbria Police said his case highlighted the need to retain DNA.

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