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Plans to put details of violent men on register

Independent: Women should be given the right to know whether their partner has a history of committing domestic abuse, and violent men who drive their wives and girlfriends to suicide could be charged with killing them, police said yesterday.

Recommendations made yesterday by senior officers will target Britain’s estimated 25,000 serial domestic abusers who could be required to register on a police database similar to that being piloted under anti-paedophile schemes. It would give women the “right to know” whether they and their children were safe from aggressive men.

Alongside the proposals, which would need to be approved by Parliament, there would be a new offence of “liability for suicide” which could make it easier for prosecutors to secure successful convictions. It is hoped this would reduce the suicide rate – one in three women who kill themselves have been abused by their partner.

Police say it could be instrumental in tackling so-called honour violence directed against Asian women in the UK who are two and a half times more likely to end their lives than white women. A similar “abatement to suicide” law has been operation in India for 25 years and Swedish women also have similar protection.


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Parents of Nimrod crash victim seek criminal prosecution

Telegraph: The parents of a British serviceman killed aboard an RAF Nimrod which exploded over Afghanistan are to seek a criminal prosecution following a report into the disaster.

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The Big Question: What is the Queen’s Speech, and does it serve any real purpose?


Why are we asking this now?

Tomorrow morning there will be nose-to-tail traffic queues on the Embankment and other roads near Whitehall, the crowds will be out on the pavement between Buckingham Palace and Parliament and in the public seats inside the House of Lords there will sit ladies dripping with mind-bogglingly expensive jewellery. It is time for the biggest pageantry in the political year, known as the Queen’s Speech – or, to give it its proper title, the State Opening of Parliament.

But not everyone is caught up in the excitement of the occasion. Writing in yesterday’s Independent, the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg called on the government to cut out the “glitz and glamour” and get on with the business of governing.

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Hundreds of British children could be being trafficked, Barnardo’s says

Guardian: Networks of men may be grooming hundreds of British children for sexual exploitation, the charity’s latest survey suggests

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Bankers intent on flouting pay rules should quit mainstream, says Myners

Times: Bankers who are not prepared to forgo controversial contracts that flout new rules on bonuses should get out of the mainstream industry, Lord Myners has declared.

The City Minister fired a warning shot ahead of the Queen’s Speech tomorrow, which will outline plans to forbid guaranteed bonuses and other pay deals. Lord Myners, in an interview with The Times, said: “People who are not willing to subordinate their own egos to the stability of their companies or the financial system probably shouldn’t carry out activities in deposit-taking banks.”

This week’s financial services Bill will give the Financial Services Authority (FSA) the power to tear up bankers’ contracts that do not sufficiently link risk and reward. Top of the list of contracts that the Government wants to end are multi-year guaranteed bonuses, which have an “asymmetric” relationship between risk and reward, Lord Myners said.

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Union provides BA staff with link to solicitors as airline brings in new work practices

Times: British Airways staff have been urged to contact employment solicitors hired by Unite, their union, as new working practices come into force within the airline today.

The union will also begin to ballot its members today over proposed strike action within BA, which last week announced plans to merge with Iberia, the Spanish carrier.

If strikes go ahead, they could affect Christmas traffic, with the first strike scheduled for December 21.

The airline’s 14,000 cabin crew will have to adopt new working practices from today. More than 3,000 crew will move to part-time work and 1,000 will take voluntary redundancy.

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Iraqi cleaner takes UK to court over alleged sexual harassment

Times: An Iraqi cleaner who claims that she was sexually harassed at the British Embassy and at the ambassador’s residence in Baghdad is taking the Government to court over its alleged failure to investigate her complaints.

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