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Terror suspects’ DNA could be held for life

Times: Terror suspects who are released without charge could face having their DNA profiles stored for life, it was revealed today.

Proposals announced by the Home Office could see the information on anyone arrested for terrorist offences but either not charged or acquitted kept indefinitely on the national database.


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Crime victim wins ‘caution’ fight

BBC: A criminal justice expert has praised an attack victim who fought to have the perpetrator brought to court after he was given a conditional caution.

John Guest was attacked by Christopher Roy Watts at his home in Delhi Close, Poole, Dorset, in April 2008.

After learning of the caution, Mr Guest sought a judicial review and Watts was eventually given a suspended jail term.

Prof Chris Lewis, of the Institute of Criminal Justice at Portsmouth University, said the move was unusual.

He said: “It’s very uncommon. A decision such as a conditional caution is usually regarded as the end of a case.

“But taking it to judicial review is a very uncommon procedure and it’s very good for the community that the victim did that.”

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Judge blocks attempt to play pensions system

Times: Trustees of underfunded pension schemes cannot actively exploit the Pension Protection Fund (PPF) to boost workers’ retirement benefits, the High Court said yesterday.

In a landmark case, Mr Justice Henderson threw out what he called a blatant attempt to “game” the PPF’s safety net for the benefit of a small group of pensioners.

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Tom Wise, former MEP, jailed for £39,000 expenses fraud

Times: A former MEP was sentenced to two years in prison today after fiddling his expenses to channel £39,000 into a secret bank account.

Tom Wise, 61, who was elected for Ukip but lost the party whip when his offences emerged, accumulated the money over 13 months, spending it on a new car and fine wines.

Wise becomes the second of the party’s 12 MEPs elected in 2004 to go to prison. Ashley Mote was jailed for nine months for benefit fraud in 2007.

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Daily Mail: Grandfather arrested at dawn and held in a police cell for SIX hours for swearing once at council official


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Plan for DNA database to hold profiles for 6 years

Independent: Thousands of innocent people will have their DNA details retained on a national database for up to six years, the Home Office will announce today.


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MPs’ expenses: watchdog fails to back plans to clean up sleaze

Telegraph: Professor Sir Ian Kennedy, the head of the new watchdog charged with cleaning up Parliament, has refused to publicly endorse the recommendations of an independent inquiry into reforming the system of MPs’ expenses.

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