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David Cameron to tell voters: no vote on Lisbon Treaty

Telegraph: The Tory party leader’s admission, which could come as early as Tuesday, will bring accusations that he has broken clear promises to grant a popular vote on the treaty.

Mr Cameron gave voters an “iron-clad” promise in 2007 that a Conservative government would hold a popular vote on Lisbon.


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Postal union to sue over hiring of casual labour

Independent: The Royal Mail is to face legal action over the recruitment of 30,000 agency staff during the post strike, union leaders announced tonight.

The Communication Workers Union served notice of action in the High Court on Friday after considering the move for the past few weeks.

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We got it wrong on immigration, says Johnson

Independent: The Home Secretary admitted yesterday the Government had made serious mistakes over immigration and in the aftermath of the 7 July bombings. Alan Johnson confessed Labour had been “maladroit” in its handling of immigration and accepted ministers had ignored for “far too long” the problems that led to a backlog of 450,000 unprocessed claims.

Mr Johnson also acknowledged parts of Britain were struggling to cope. In his first speech on the subject, he said: “There are communities which have been disproportionately affected by immigration, where people have legitimate concerns about the strain that the growth in the local population has placed on jobs and services.”

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Revealed: hidden misery of children trafficked to Britain

Independent: Hundreds of children trafficked to Britain each year are being failed by social workers, teachers and doctors, it is claimed today in a report which uncovers the hidden misery of the international trade in young labour.

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Woman admits hiding terror files in burka

Independent: A mother of six has been given a two-year jail sentence after admitting concealing “a mini encyclopaedia of weapons making” in the sleeve of her burka.

Houria Chahed Chentouf, 41, from Manchester, pleaded guilty to two offences of possessing documents likely to be useful for a terrorist. She was released at Manchester Crown Court as she has served her time on remand.

The court heard she accidentally dropped a pen drive containing terror-related documents while being interviewed by officers at Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport on 16 October last year.

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Tory MP apologises for ‘gas chambers’ expenses email

Independent: A Conservative MP was ordered to apologise by David Cameron after he likened the plight of politicians over expenses to the persecution of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

David Wilshire’s remarks, on the eve of tomorrow’s publication of wide-ranging plans to overhaul the expenses system, provoked anger and embarrassment in the Tory leadership. The MP for Spelthorne, Surrey, has already been forced to step down at the next election after paying £105,000 of expenses into a company he owns.

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Parents fight in court over whether disabled son should live or die

Times: The parents of a severely disabled baby faced each other in the High Court yesterday on opposite sides of a case to determine whether the boy should be allowed to die.

Doctors, supported by mother, want to withdraw life support from the year-old boy, known only as Baby RB. They say he faces a “miserable, sad and pitiable existence”. The father, who is separated from his wife, is fighting the doctors’ application.

Michael Mylonas, for the NHS trust, said that Baby RB, who cannot breathe unaided and has been on a ventilator since birth, faced a life of intolerable pain. He was born with congenital myasthenic syndrome, a neuromuscular condition from which there was no hope of recovery. The syndrome affects only about 300 people in Britain.

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