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Perks come as standard for boardroom bosses

Guardian: There’s the bus company boss who gets free petrol for his private motoring, and the head of a mining group whose company coughs up to pay his gardener.

The annual Guardian executive pay survey, which delves into the very small print of company annual reports, has uncovered a world in which those wealthy enough to pay their own way are powerful enough to ensure they don’t have to.


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BBC: Vandal cashes in on law loophole

Vandal cashes in on law loophole

BBC: A graffiti vandal responsible for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage across London stands to make a four figure sum by selling his work.

Daniel Halpin was given an ASBO and jailed for spraying his TOX tag on trains and walls for nine years.

Now he is selling 100 canvases, bearing his notorious mark, at £75 each.

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Senior public figures join clamour against child protection database

Telegraph: Esther Rantzen, founder of ChildLine and NSPCC trustee

“We have lost our common sense and judgement. This is less about protecting children than about organisations protecting themselves. They are becoming risk-averse.”

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Police to investigate MI6 over alleged complicity in torture

Independent: The metropolitan police are to investigate MI6, the secret intelligence service, over alleged complicity in the torture of a terror suspect, in the second criminal investigation of British intelligence officers in the war on the terror to be announced this year.

Now there are calls for a full public inquiry into the activities of the security and the intelligence services in their joint operations with the CIA. Policeare already investigating MI5’s possible complicity in the alleged torture of the British resident and former Guantanamo inmate Binyam Mohammed.

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Stop giving ex-wives these undeserved millions, says Baroness Deech

Times: The divorce laws are unfair to men and multimillion-pound awards are degrading to women, an expert in family law believes.

Baroness Deech is calling for an end to the idea that women deserve half of their husbands’ wealth on divorce.

The crossbench peer, who taught and lectured on family law for more than 20 years at Oxford University, accuses judges of developing the law in a “paternalistic and unprincipled fashion”.

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Aviva accused of ‘derisory’ settlement in High Court

Times: Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer, today faced a fresh challenge to its plans to make £500 million in cash windfall payments to its with-profits policyholders after Which?, the consumer group, said the settlement was “derisory” and called on a high court judge to ring-fence further funds.

Aviva, which is offering almost a million policyholders the payments in exchange for foregoing their rights to future bonus payouts, sought permission from the Royal Courts of Justice to press ahead with the plan.

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First look inside Britain’s new Supreme Court

Times: The crest is on the wall, the television cables are in place and the “chill-out” room has been created.

The public was given a glimpse inside Britain’s new Supreme Court yesterday ahead of the official opening next month. The court in Parliament Square has cost £77 million and replaces the House of Lords’ judicial arm — the law lords — as the highest court in the land and hives off the judiciary from the legislature, a reform six years in the planning.

It will officially open with the swearing in of its new justices on October 1.

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