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BBC: Man jailed for 30 years of abuse

Man jailed for 30 years of abuse

BBC: A paedophile who abused three young children over a period of 30 years has been jailed for eight years.


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Amir Khan and Frank Warren launch legal bid to force Facebook to remove ‘racist’ content

Telegraph: British boxing champion Amir Khan and his promoter, Frank Warren, have launched a legal campaign to force Facebook to tackle “highly defamatory” or abusive postings.

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Police given assault warning over DNA samples taken from children

Guardian: Police officers who take “voluntary” DNA samples from children under 16 without their written consent or that of their parents are legally committing an assault, the Home Office’s ethics group on the national DNA database has warned.

The official advisers’ second annual report says there is no ethical justification for taking a child’s DNA without consent and that legally doing so could constitute assault or be construed as coercion.

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Banks still ‘double charging’ on overdrafts

Telegraph: Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest and reduced charges on unauthorised overdrafts but they are still expensive.

The bank – which is now largely owned by the Government – has significantly reduced its unauthorised overdraft charges.

For example if a cheque is bound you will now pay just £5, down from £38 and the fee for exceeding your limit has been halved to £15.

Recently Which? “named and shamed” the RBS group for charging some of the highest overdraft fees.

These changes come just weeks before the new Supreme Court is due to rule on whether the Office of Fair Trading can assess these charges for “fairness”.

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Mother took daughter to doctor before stabbing

Independent: A woman who stabbed her two teenage daughters to death as they slept took one to a doctor two days before the attack and appeared “light-hearted”, a court heard today.

Rekha Kumari-Baker, 41, killed Davina Baker, 16, and Jasmine Baker, 13, at her home in Stretham, Cambridgeshire, on June 13, 2007, Cambridge Crown Court has heard.

Prosecutors have suggested that Kumari-Baker killed the girls in order to “wreak havoc” on her ex-husband David Baker.

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TV cameras to capture new era for law lords

Times: The UK’s Supreme Court opens for business next month — and for the first time in the highest court in the land, television cameras will be there to record its work.

The opening of the new court is a huge constitutional reform — yet it has scarcely grazed public consciousness. The law lords had a low profile as the judicial arm of the House of Lords for the past century or so, doing their business in an obscure corridor in the Palace of Westminster.

Now all that will change. For a start, the public will know where the highest court sits — in a newly-furbished building in Parliament Square. They can see the 12 Supreme Court justices at work and even watch them through a glass partition having lunch in their cafeteria. Cases of interest, and judgments, can be broadcast — television cameras are banned from all other courts in England and Wales.

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This could be the last time a politician takes mercy on a prisoner

Times: Jack Straw’s granting of a pardon to Michael Shields is the first exercise of the rare power exercised under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy for more than ten years.

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