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Internet cut-off threat for illegal downloaders

Guardian: People who persist in swapping copyrighted films and music will have their internet connections cut off under tough new laws to be proposed by the government today.

The measures also include taking the power to target illegal downloaders away from regulator Ofcom and giving it to ministers to speed up the process.

The decision to cut off peer-to-peer filesharers is unexpected since it was ruled out by the government’s own Digital Britain report in June as going too far…..


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Lockerbie bomber decision leaves SNP facing censure from furious opposition

Guardian: Alex Salmond‘s Scottish government is facing an embarrassing vote of censure after the crisis over its controversial decision to free the Lockerbie bomber deepened yesterday.

Furious opposition leaders have forced Salmond to hold a parliamentary vote next week – which his government is expected to lose heavily – over the decision to send Abdelbaset al-Megrahi home to a hero’s welcome in Tripoli last Thursday.

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Unmasked blogger Rosemary Port to sue Google for $15m

Times: Google is to be sued for $15 million (£9 million) by an anonymous blogger who was unmasked by the internet search company.

Rosemary Port said that Google had failed to protect her right to privacy when the company obeyed a court order to reveal her name after she used her blog to accuse a former Vogue model of being a “psychotic, lying, whoring … skank”….

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Human rights watchdog begins legal action over BNP membership policy

Times: The British National Party is facing legal action over claims that its membership restrictions are in breach of racial discrimination laws.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has issued county court proceedings against the party, its leader, Nick Griffin, and two other officials.

The move by the human rights watchdog comes after it voiced concerns in June about the BNP’s constitution and membership criteria….

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Error leaves children unprotected under 1984 Video Recordings Act

Times: People selling adult videos, including pornography, to children are to escape prosecution after the discovery of a Whitehall blunder that means that the 1984 law regulating the video industry was never enacted.

The disclosure that for 25 years the Act governing the classification and sale of videos, video games and now DVDs was never brought into force is a big embarrassment to both Conservative and Labour governments….

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Senior CPS lawyer, Sarfwaz Ibrahim, arrested on corruption charges

Times: A senior Crown Prosecution Service lawyer has been arrested and charged in a corruption investigation.

Sarfwaz Ibrahim, 50, who has been suspended as head of a team of Crown prosecutors in South Wales, faces charges of perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office. Mr Ibrahim, from Cyncoed, Cardiff, a CPS lawyer for 20 years who won a National Justice Award in 2005, appeared before Swansea magistrates on Saturday. In the dock beside him was Saifur Khan, 36, a relative, who is accused of aiding and abetting misconduct in a public office. Both men deny the allegations. They were required to surrender their passports before being released on bail pending a Crown Court hearing next week….

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