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Secret MoD files reveal UFOs went to the top

Independent: A former chief of defence staff warned Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1985 that its “perfunctory” dismissal of UFO sightings near an RAF base shared with the US Air Force in Suffolk could turn into a political “banana-skin” because it was unexplained.

In a letter to Michael Heseltine, Mrs Thatcher’s defence secretary at the time, the late Lord Hill-Norton said the sightings of unidentified flying objects in Rendelsham Forest by USAF personnel in December 1980 had “puzzling and disquieting” features that have never been satisfactorily explained.


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Belfast courthouse set on fire for second night

Independent: The historic Crumlin Road courthouse in Belfast has been set on fire for the second night running – this time by 30 petrol bombers.

A crowd gathered shortly after midnight yesterday and hurled petrol bombs into the building; which had already been extensively damaged in a suspected arson attack the previous day.

The vast majority of the Grade B listed building’s roof had burned away, the fire and rescue service confirmed…..

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Home Office asked to pay for policing BNP

Independent: The Home Office is to be asked to bear the £500,000 cost of policing a protest against an event staged by the British National Party. An estimated 1,500 people demonstrated against the three-day Red, White and Blue Festival at Codnor, in Derbyshire, and 19 people were arrested.

Four anti-fascist protesters were charged yesterda, three with public order offences and the fourth with unlawfully obstructing the highway. Two others were cautioned, two got on-the-spot fines and 10 were bailed pending further inquiries. All but one of those arrested were male…..

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Martin Bell and Terry Waite plan candidate list to target discredited MPs

Guardian: Martin Bell and Terry Waite are marshalling a network of anti-sleaze independent candidates to target the seats of MPs discredited by their expense claims, including the shadow leader of the commons, Alan Duncan.

Bell, a former war reporter and independent MP, is teaming up with former Beirut hostage Waite to organise as many as 25 independent candidates around the country to campaign for a return to what Bell calls “honest politics”…..

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Alistair Darling signals new law to curb City bonuses

Telegraph: The Chancellor, who is this week running the country in Gordon Brown’s absence, insisted it was unacceptable for traders to get massive payouts if they were putting economic stability at risk.

His comments followed evidence that the bonus culture is already returning less than a year after the near-collapse of the international financial system…..

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Abercrombie & Fitch told to pay disabled worker Riam Dean £9,000

Times: A law student who was prevented from working on the shop floor of a clothing chain because her false arm was contrary to its “look policy” has been awarded more than £9,000 by an employment tribunal.

Abercrombie & Fitch, a US chain that opened its first branch in London in 2007, told Riam Dean, 22, that her prosthetic arm was deemed unsavoury by its “visual team”.

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‘Wriggle-room’ for multimillion-pound bonuses in FSA’s new code, say lawyers

Times: The City regulator’s new rules on bonuses have created loopholes that banks could exploit to keep star employees on multimillion-pound packages, lawyers have warned.

Hector Sants, chief executive of the Financial Services Authority, yesterday denied that the regulator’s pay code for financial institutions, published on Wednesday, was too weak. He said that inclusion in the final code of a stipulation about guaranteed bonuses meant it was tougher than the March draft……

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