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‘UK is safe haven for war criminals’

Independent: Britain has become a “safe haven” for war criminals because the Government has failed to close loopholes that grant them protection under the law, an influential committee of MPs and peers warns today.

The joint committee on human rights has found that inconsistencies in the way the UK applies international law has created an “impunity gap” for international war criminals, allowing them to visit the UK without fear of prosecution. But the committee says anyone in the UK suspected of war crimes now should be investigated and, where appropriate, brought to trial.

“The message must be clear: no international criminal is welcome here – not to shop, holiday, receive medical treatment, study, live, or visit,” the report says…..


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Judge lifts ban on identification of Baby P’s mother

Guardian: The reporting restrictions which protected the identity of the mother of Baby Peter were lifted today after a ruling by a high court judge who said it was a necessary move to maintain public confidence in the judicial system.

The decision by Mr Justice Coleridge to withdraw the protection of anonymity from Tracey Connelly and Baby Peter’s stepfather, Steven Barker, followed pressure from several major media organisations, including the BBC, the Mirror Group, and the Times, who argued that this was important to ensure that those who caused the toddler’s death were being properly held to account.

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