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‘Shots fired at London police patrol’
Independent: Armed officers were investigating reports that shots were fired at a police patrol outside a busy railway station today.

One officer suffered a cut to his thigh outside Waterloo station in central London, shortly after 3pm.

But a Metropolitan Police spokesman said it was not yet known how he suffered the injury.


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Minister admits: rape review plans back to drawing board
Times: A Home Office minister today admitted plans to review rape laws had gone back to the drawing board after an intervention by Labour’s deputy leader Harriet Harman.

Ms Harman vetoed the review at the last minute because she has wants the legislative proposals are toughened up to better address the concerns of women.

She is currently standing in for Gordon Brown while the Prime Minister is on holiday and refused to sign off on an announcement that had been planned for today.

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British man arrested for role in running FileSoup file sharing website
Guardian: A British man has been arrested for his role in running one of the internet’s oldest file sharing websites.

The man – who started the FileSoup website in 2003 – was taken into custody last week after a raid on his home in Taunton, Somerset, and subsequently released on bail without charge.

FileSoup, which was started in 2003, is well-known in the file sharing community but does not host illegal material itself. Instead, it operates forums where users share links to files which then allow them to download TV shows and movies from around the internet….

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Tenants to gain safeguards from landlords
Times: Tenants in properties let by financially unstable landlords could be given greater protection if their homes are repossessed under proposals published today.

Under new laws, people renting from landlords who fail to inform banks they are letting out their property will be allowed to stay in the home for two months after the house is repossessed.

Tenants currently face immediate eviction if the bank takes ownership of the property.

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Jewish school wins right to appeal against ruling its entry policy was racist
Guardian: Europe’s largest Jewish school succeeded today in winning leave to appeal against a court judgment that said its entry policy was racist.

The JFS, in Brent, London, was thrown into chaos last June when the appeals court found its requirement that an admitted pupil’s mother must be Jewish, whether by descent or by conversion, was a test of ethnicity that contravened the Race Relations Act.

Today’s development may forgo the need for a religious practice test to determine a pupil’s Jewish identity.

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The Big Question: What exactly did Gary McKinnon do wrong, and should he be extradited?

Why are we asking this now?

Because Gary McKinnon has been fighting the United States’ plans to have him extradited on hacking charges for the best part of seven years.

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Government may allow Commons time to hear assisted dying bill
Guardian: The government is to consider giving time for a bill to allow assisted dying if the director of public prosecutions fails to come up with clearer advice on when it is legal or illegal to help someone to die.The issue resurfaced after the law lords ruled last week that Keir Starmer must produce clearer guidance on when prosecutions will be launched against those accompanying people who go abroad to kill themselves.

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