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Scandal of women trapped in marriages by Jewish courts
Independent: Orthodox Beth Dins in Britain not doing enough to help ‘chained wives’, say campaigners

Imagine having to go through the trauma of an acrimonious divorce knowing all the way through the process that the community you live in will still consider you to be married.

When Miriam Saleh decided her marriage to her husband was no longer working she soon discovered that getting a divorce in Britain’s law courts would be the least of her worries.

As a devout Orthodox Jew from a close-knit community in north London, the only way she would really be free to get on with her life would be if her husband granted her a get – a Jewish divorce document authenticated by a rabbi and given by a husband to his wife releasing her from their marriage….


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New evidence in Binyam Mohamed ‘torture’ case
Guardian: Documents reveal MI5 official visited Morocco three times during period ex-Guantánamo detainee claims he was interrogated

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Police helmet cams go up in smoke
Telegraph: The latest crime-fighting gadget, a cigar-sized camera attached to a police helmet, has gone up in smoke after problems with its batteries setting on fire.

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Judge orders Tchenguiz brothers to return files
Times: The billionaire Tchenguiz brothers have been ordered by a judge to return confidential documents seized from their brother-in-law in a feud over their sister Lisa’s divorce.

The High Court ruling yesterday was the latest twist in a long-running dispute between Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz and their brother-in-law and former business partner Vivian Imerman….

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Guidelines on assisted suicide ‘heading for challenge in the courts’
Times: A former Lord Chancellor has warned that new guidelines on assisted suicide will expose the Director of Public Prosecutions to challenge in the courts.

Lord Mackay of Clashfern welcomed the law lords’ landmark ruling that the DPP should spell out how he exercises his discretion in prosecuting cases, saying that the declaration of policy to be drawn up was “a perfectly reasonable thing to do”.

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