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Pensioner to be sentenced for poisoning wife’s tea

Independent: A pensioner who poured mercury into his estranged wife’s cup of tea to win her back by nursing her back to health will be sentenced later today.

William Dowling, of Colne, Lancashire, said he wanted his wife Maureen, 64, to suffer an upset stomach from the poison so he could look after her and resurrect their relationship.

The 69-year-old electrician put the mercury in her tea on a number of occasions but denied ever trying to cause her serious harm.


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Ex-peers ‘blocked from being MPs’

BBC: Jack Straw is to amend plans allowing life peers to resign from the House of Lords, to stop them standing as an MP for up to five years, it is reported.

The FT reports the justice secretary wants a “cooling off” period inserted into the Constitutional Reform Bill.

Sources told the BBC the move was possible but not definite.

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Law student wins four-year case to have exam marks upgraded

Times: A law student who refused to accept the results of her final examinations has won a four-year legal battle to have her marks upgraded.

Alice Clarke was given low marks in two assessments for her Bar Vocational Course that all lawyers have to pass to practise as a barrister.

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Gay ex-soldier angry at pay-outs

BBC: A lesbian ex-soldier who won £187,000 damages after being sexually harassed has said she is “disgusted” by lower payments given to injured personnel.

Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher, 32, who worked at an Army stables in North Yorkshire, said she was bullied after refusing to sleep with a male sergeant.

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‘Swollen’ City hits back at Turner

Financial Times: Bankers, industrialists and London’s mayor have fiercely rejected Lord Turner’s argument that Britain’s “swollen” banking industry was destabilising the economy and needed to be cut down to size.

The backlash came a day after the chairman of the Financial Services Authority said the City watchdog should be “very, very wary of seeing the competitiveness of London as a major aim”. He also floated the idea of higher capital reserve requirements and a global Tobin tax on financial transactions to choke off some of the banks’ “socially useless” activity

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Facebook and Twitter users ‘could be targeted by burglars’

Telegraph: Millions of users post details about their home, as well as holiday plans, acting as an invitation to the burglars, according to insurers Legal & General.

The warning comes as a report called The Digital Criminal, commissioned by Legal & General, and prepared by Michael Fraser, the star of BBC’s Beat The Burglar, has been launched.

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Climate Camp set up in the footsteps of the Peasants’ Revolt

Independent: The symbolism was eye-catching. Britain’s climate campers set up their annual protest camp yesterday on Blackheath, the historic London open space that was key in the peasants’ revolt.

The 1,000-plus green activists are camped this morning on the fields where Wat Tyler’s peasant army assembled for its assault on The City of London in June 1381. And they are planning their own assault – on what they see as the companies, institutions and government departments helping to cause global warming (or not doing enough to stop it).

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